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3 Tips for Connecting With Plastic Surgery Patients Online

One of the most significant changes in plastic surgery in the age of the internet is how patients go about choosing a plastic surgeon. It is common practice (and recommended) that people research online before finally choosing the plastic surgeon they want to consult. Through online research, patients learn not only about the process but […]

Essential tips on finding the best plastic surgeon in Chicago

Today, patients have the benefit of being able to do as much research as they want before their first consultation with their physician or specialist. If you’re on the hunt for the best plastic surgeon in Chicago, you will want to gather a bit of information about the procedures you’re considering, as well as your […]

How to Find the Top Plastic Surgeons in the US

As aesthetic medicine and surgery have become increasingly more popular over the years, more physicians and non physicians are offering plastic-surgery-related services in their practices to fill this demand. What compounds this phenomenon is that reimbursement for insurance-covered medical services, in general, have been decreasing or have remained stagnant over the years, prompting many practitioners […]



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