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Facial Implants
Are Facial Implants Right For Me?


Facial Implants Chicago

Facial implants are customized from solid materials and surgically inserted into areas of the body that patients may deem aesthetically deficient, such as the jaw, chin, or cheeks. The goal of a facial implant is to enhance the physical structure of the face or to augment the size of features that you wish to correct.

The Plastic Surgery Clinic of Chicago is comprised of professionals in the field of craniofacial surgery that have years of experience performing facial implant procedures safely and successfully.

Facial Implants


A facial implant can bring balance and proportion to the face, while augmenting features that you may find lacking. If you believe a facial implant might be right for you, contact the Plastic Surgery Clinic of Chicago for a consultation. Ideal candidates are in generally good physical health, non-smokers, and have no medical conditions that may impair the healing process. Facial implants are usually only performed on adults whose face and head have reached full maturity.


During your consultation with the Plastic Surgery Clinic of Chicago, we will review your aesthetic goals and your medical history to ensure that you are a good candidate for a facial implant. We do not perform any procedure unless we are certain that it is the absolute best treatment plan for each individual patient. We will perform a facial evaluation, discuss your treatment options, and explain every step of the process through to recovery and the potential risks associated with facial implants.


Depending on your personal aesthetic goals, the manner in which a facial implant is performed will differ. First, a general anesthetic is administered. Then the plastic surgeon will make incisions based on the specific area that you wish to augment or enhance.

Incisions are made inside the mouth, if possible, or otherwise in a place that can easily be concealed. For a chin implant, the incisions are typically made either inside the mouth along the lower gum line, or outside the mouth just beneath the chin. Jaw implants are usually placed through an incision inside the mouth along the jaw line. For cheek implants, the incision may be inside the mouth or, if coupled with another surgical procedure, just below the lower eyelid.

Once the implant is inserted, the incisions are closed with sutures. Though swelling and bruising will persist for a short while, the results of a facial implant will be noticeable immediately following surgery.


Bruising and swelling is normal after a facial implant, and will typically persist for at least a few weeks after the procedure is complete. Your surgeon will prescribe pain medication and issue post-surgical care instructions; it is always important to follow these instructions thoroughly to ensure proper healing.

Do not use ice directly on the surgical site, since that will reduce blood flow and delay healing. Sutures can usually be removed within seven to ten days after the procedure is performed. Your surgeon will let you know when you are able to resume your normal level of physical activity.


The potential complications generally associated with facial implants may include:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Changes in skin sensation
  • Shifting of implant
  • Skin sensitivity
  • Allergies to implant material

You should call your doctor if any of these symptoms occur or persist. The Plastic Surgery Clinic of Chicago takes every precaution to minimize risk by using the safest, most innovative techniques. You can also reduce the risk of complication by adhering strictly to all instructions from your plastic surgeon.


Due to the varied nature of facial implants, it is difficult to give any specific averages for facial implant surgery. Your location, plastic surgeon, and individual treatment plan will further affect the total cost of a facial implant. Since it is considered a cosmetic surgery, health insurance rarely covers this type of procedure. During your consultation, speak with your plastic surgeon about the cost associated with a facial implant.


If you have questions about facial implants or believe you are a good candidate, contact us at the Plastic Surgery Clinic of Chicago for a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. We will perform a facial evaluation and, if a facial implant is right for you, help you reach your aesthetic goals.

All surgical procedures by the Plastic Surgery Clinic of Chicago are performed at top hospitals in Chicago and CMS or AAAASF-certified surgical centers for safety.



Beautiful breast augmentation result for this patient. In this case we used a 350 cc gel implant, and placed the implant through a periareolar approach and in a submuscular plane. The patient is 5’4” and 125 lbs and went from a B cup to a full C/small D cup. Posted with permission.

#plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #breastaugmentation #cosmeticsurgery #gelimplant #gummybear #chicago #chicagoplasticsurgery

This is a great case to highlight the complexities associated with creating an aesthetic tip and how small changes can yield significant aesthetic improvement. In this case, the patient had a droopy tip, hanging columella, and too much nostril show. In the post-operative views you can visualize a tip that is lifted, more projected, and the presence of a more aesthetic alar-columellar relationship. Happy for this patient and her beautiful and natural result. Posted with permission.

#plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #cosmeticsurgery #rhinoplasty #tiplasty #chicago #chicagoplasticsurgery

Proud of our research team for getting this published. In this article, we developed a unique risk assessment tool to predict major complications in facial aesthetic surgery. Thank you to the Aesthetic Surgery Journal for publishing our work.

#plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #cosmeticsurgery #asj #chicago #chicagoplasticsurgery

The hardest type of rhinoplasties for plastic surgeons to perform are cleft rhinoplasties. A major reason is that the anatomy of the nose and midface are asymmetric, therefore, you have an asymmetric nose sitting on top of an asymmetric midface. In this case, I used rib cartilage to rebuild the cartilage of the nose and fat transfer to improve asymmetries of the midface and lips. In the post-operative frontal views, you can see a straighter nose, the tip has been lifted, and the right nostril has been brought down and inwards. On profile view, you can see the dorsal hump was lowered, the tip of the nose has been lifted, rotated, and refined. The fat was placed in the cheeks and upper lip to improve the midface deficiency that is common in cleft lip patients. Posted with permission.

#plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #cosmeticsurgery #rhinoplasty #revisionrhinoplasty #cleftrhinoplasty #nosejob #cleftlip #craniofacialsurgery #chicago #chicagoplasticsurgery

Plastic surgery can be dramatic or understated. This is a before and after with subtle changes to improve the proportions and aesthetics of the nose in a natural way. This patient wanted only small changes of the dorsum and tip. In the post-operative photos, you can visualize the dorsal hump has been removed and the tip has been refined, slightly rotated and projected. Posted with permission.

#plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #cosmeticsurgery #nosejob #rhinoplasty #chicago #chicagoplasticsurgery

Couldn’t be happier for this beautiful patient and her natural before and after results. This patient is 3 months out from a deep plane or sub-SMAS facelift, neck lift, and facial fat transfer. Pay close attention to the neck, jawline, and midface or cheeks. In the post-operative views you can see a well-defined neck and jawline. The face appears less bottom heavy, there is restoration of the midface volume, and the overall facial configuration is more heart-shaped and youthful. Posted with permission.

#plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #cosmeticsurgery #deeplanefacelift #facelift #necklift #fattransfer #chicago #chicagoplasticsurgery

It’s been a minute but this is a great before and after of a facial feminization case and this patient is only 6 weeks out from surgery. Pay close attention to the hairline, the forehead, orbital rims, eyebrows, nose, chin and jawline. Does this patient look like they had major surgery 6 weeks ago? Posted with permission.

#plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #cosmeticsurgery #FFS #rhinoplasty #genioplasty #chicago #chicagoplasticsurgery #craniofacialsurgery

Check out this interesting rhinoplasty case where I performed a combined primary rhinoplasty and sliding genioplasty. Fixing the crooked or deviated nose is very challenging for all rhinoplasty surgeons and the goal is to achieve a straighter nose because a perfectly straight nose does not exist. On the frontal view, you can see a nose that is midline and with beautiful dorsal aesthetic lines. On the profile view, you can visual a nice nasal profile with a slight break at the tip. The sliding genioplasty complements the nose and improves the overall proportions and balance of the face. A chin implant would not be able to achieve this amount of chin augmentation or chin length. Posted with permission.

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