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Upper Lip Lift


Upper Lip Lift Chicago

The upper lip lift is one of many adjunct surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments performed by Plastic Surgeons who are board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  As the face ages, the skin and soft tissue deflates and sags with time.

The perioral region and specifically the upper lip are not immune to the aging process. The upper lip develops signs of aging and appears deflated, thin, long, and wrinkled.

The tell-tale signs of the aging lip are the increased length of the cutaneous lip, the absence or decrease of upper tooth show at rest and while smiling and a thin vermillion or the red part of the upper lip.

The upper lip lift is a surgical procedure that was pioneered by Plastic Surgeons in the 1970’s and 1980’s to improve the aesthetics of the perioral region in conjunction with other facial rejuvenation procedures. Dr. Parit Patel is considered a top provider of the upper lip lift in Chicago based on his qualifications and experience with this cosmetic treatment.

Upper Lip Lift Upper Lip Lift



Self-verified patient of Dr. Parit A. Patel
“I had an Upper Lip Lift procedure by Dr. Patel and I am very happy with my results.”


An upper lip lift is a good option for older patients that have developed lengthening of the upper lip over time, deflation, and decreased upper tooth show.  For the younger patient, an upper lip lift can be advantageous for patients who have longer upper lips and for patients where fillers are not ideal solutions to improve the aesthetics of the upper lip.

However, for younger patients, many are not good candidates for an upper lip lift since in most cases, the cutaneous lip is not long and the upper tooth show at rest is aesthetically pleasing.  Younger patients in most cases are better candidates for lip augmentation with filler since this improves the fullness, symmetry, and overall aesthetics of the vermillion or the red part of the upper lip.  Additionally, placing a scar at the base of the nose can be very visible and unnecessary in the younger patient.

The overall goals of an upper lip lift are:

  • Shorten the upper lip
  • Increase upper tooth show
  • Evert the white roll and vermillion of the lip
  • Improve asymmetries of the upper lip
  • Shorten the appearance of the middle 1/3 of the face
  • Improve the aesthetics and youthfulness of the lips and mouth


When you schedule a consultation with the Plastic Surgery Clinic of Chicago, you will speak with a board-certified plastic surgeon who will review your treatment goals with you and perform a facial aesthetic evaluation to see if you are a good candidate for an upper lip lift.  Be prepared to discuss your current and long term aesthetic goals.


An upper lip lift is typically performed in the office setting under local anesthesia.  Before the start of the procedure, surgical markings will be made of the upper lip, the important landmarks, and upper lip lift design.  Local anesthesia will be administered so that you will not feel pain or discomfort during the procedure.  Your plastic surgeon will then make precise incisions with a surgical scalpel to perform the procedure and to remove the excess upper lip skin.

The wounds will be cleansed and precisely closed in layers in order to conceal the incision and minimize the appearance of a scar.

The procedure can take approximately 30-60 minutes and post-procedure and wound care instructions will be provided afterwards.  Recovery after the treatment is typically 2-3 days.  Suture removal is performed at 1 week and scar management instructions are provided afterwards.  It is important to follow your post-procedure instructions closely.


Recovery after an upper lip lift is typically 2 to 3 days, after that timeframe patients may resume their normal level of activity.  It is important to avoid sun exposure or soaking the treated area in a pool or bathtub for 7-10 days after the treatment.  Wound care instructions will be provided after the procedure and should be followed closely.  Sutures that are placed at the time of the surgery are typically removed at 5-7 days.


There are potential risks that can be associated with any procedure. The potential risks of an upper lip lift may include:

  • Redness, bruising, or swelling at the treatment site
  • Infection
  • Bleeding (hematoma)
  • Poor wound healing
  • Scarring
  • Asymmetries

Overall, an upper lip lift is a safe and effective treatment to improve the aesthetics of the upper lip and mouth.  As cosmetic procedures are becoming more popular and more unqualified practitioners are performing them, it is important for patients to do their homework.  We recommend finding a practice where a board certified plastic surgeon, certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, is performing the procedure.

Always make sure that the surgeon performing the procedure is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and that the surgery is being carried out in an accredited surgical facility.

All surgical procedures by the Plastic Surgery Clinic of Chicago are performed at top hospitals in Chicago and CMS or AAAASF-certified surgical centers for safety.


The average price of an upper lip lift can range from $2,000 to $5,000.  A breakdown of all costs associated with the procedure will be provided at the time of your consultation.


If you would like to improve the aesthetics of your lips or reduce the signs of aging and have a more youthful appearance, contact our office to schedule a consultation. You will speak with a board-certified plastic surgeon who will discuss your specific cosmetic goals and determine if an upper lip lift in Chicago is the best treatment approach for you.

All surgical procedures by the Plastic Surgery Clinic of Chicago are performed at top hospitals in Chicago and CMS or AAAASF-certified surgical centers for safety.



Proud of our research team for getting this published. In this article, we developed a unique risk assessment tool to predict major complications in facial aesthetic surgery. Thank you to the Aesthetic Surgery Journal for publishing our work.

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The hardest type of rhinoplasties for plastic surgeons to perform are cleft rhinoplasties. A major reason is that the anatomy of the nose and midface are asymmetric, therefore, you have an asymmetric nose sitting on top of an asymmetric midface. In this case, I used rib cartilage to rebuild the cartilage of the nose and fat transfer to improve asymmetries of the midface and lips. In the post-operative frontal views, you can see a straighter nose, the tip has been lifted, and the right nostril has been brought down and inwards. On profile view, you can see the dorsal hump was lowered, the tip of the nose has been lifted, rotated, and refined. The fat was placed in the cheeks and upper lip to improve the midface deficiency that is common in cleft lip patients. Posted with permission.

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Plastic surgery can be dramatic or understated. This is a before and after with subtle changes to improve the proportions and aesthetics of the nose in a natural way. This patient wanted only small changes of the dorsum and tip. In the post-operative photos, you can visualize the dorsal hump has been removed and the tip has been refined, slightly rotated and projected. Posted with permission.

#plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #cosmeticsurgery #nosejob #rhinoplasty #chicago #chicagoplasticsurgery

Couldn’t be happier for this beautiful patient and her natural before and after results. This patient is 3 months out from a deep plane or sub-SMAS facelift, neck lift, and facial fat transfer. Pay close attention to the neck, jawline, and midface or cheeks. In the post-operative views you can see a well-defined neck and jawline. The face appears less bottom heavy, there is restoration of the midface volume, and the overall facial configuration is more heart-shaped and youthful. Posted with permission.

#plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #cosmeticsurgery #deeplanefacelift #facelift #necklift #fattransfer #chicago #chicagoplasticsurgery

It’s been a minute but this is a great before and after of a facial feminization case and this patient is only 6 weeks out from surgery. Pay close attention to the hairline, the forehead, orbital rims, eyebrows, nose, chin and jawline. Does this patient look like they had major surgery 6 weeks ago? Posted with permission.

#plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #cosmeticsurgery #FFS #rhinoplasty #genioplasty #chicago #chicagoplasticsurgery #craniofacialsurgery

Check out this interesting rhinoplasty case where I performed a combined primary rhinoplasty and sliding genioplasty. Fixing the crooked or deviated nose is very challenging for all rhinoplasty surgeons and the goal is to achieve a straighter nose because a perfectly straight nose does not exist. On the frontal view, you can see a nose that is midline and with beautiful dorsal aesthetic lines. On the profile view, you can visual a nice nasal profile with a slight break at the tip. The sliding genioplasty complements the nose and improves the overall proportions and balance of the face. A chin implant would not be able to achieve this amount of chin augmentation or chin length. Posted with permission.

#plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #cosmeticsurgery #rhinoplasty #nosejob #chinaugmentation #genioplasty #chicago #chicagoplasticsurgery

It’s never too early to starting thinking about that summer body. This patient underwent a mommy makeover or a breast reduction/lift and tummy tuck. Pay close attention to the belly button, this patient had an umbilical hernia, which made the reconstruction of her belly button even harder. Most plastic surgeons take their time trying to make the belly button look as natural as possible since the appearance of the belly button can be an obvious sign that the patient had a tummy tuck. Posted with permission.

#plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #cosmeticsurgery #mommymakeover #tummytuck #breastlift #breastreduction #chicago #chicagoplasticsurgery

A facial feminization case that highlights how subtle changes can have a major impact on the balance and proportions of the face. Do the post-operative images appear softer, less angular, more refined, and more heart-shaped rather than square-shaped? Can you tell what surgeries were performed? Hint: look closely at the forehead/orbital rims, nose, chin, jawline, and neck. Posted with permission.

#plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #craniofacialsurgery #FFS #facialfeminization #rhinoplasty #genioplasty #trachealshave #jawreduction #chicago #chicagoplasticsurgery


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