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Mommy Makeover Chicago

At our practice in Chicago, mommy makeover surgery is very common A mommy makeover is a broad term used to describe plastic surgery procedures designed to improve the aesthetics and appearance of a woman’s body after having children, while also boosting one’s confidence. After children, many mothers yearn for the bodies they had pre-pregnancy, and mommy makeover procedures are a great way to achieve those goals. The constellation of procedures referred to as a mommy makeover includes facial rejuvenation, a breast lift with or without breast implants, liposuction, tummy tuck, arm lift, thigh lift, and vaginal rejuvenation.

Based on your aesthetic goals and anatomy, a mommy makeover procedure will be tailored to your specific needs based on what was most affected by your pregnancy. After an evaluation with a board-certified plastic surgeon, a treatment plan will be determined. Depending upon which procedures are recommended, they can be performed together in one surgery or staged into several different surgeries. Your treatment options can include the following:

Breast Surgery

During and after pregnancy, breasts can become deflated and sag. A breast lift with implants is a great option to restore the size and shape of a woman’s breast to pre-pregnancy aesthetics. A saline or gel implant is placed underneath the breast during the breast augmentation procedure and a simultaneous mastopexy or breast lift is performed to lift the nipples and breast to a more youthful position on your chest. Alternatively, a woman’s breast can increase in size after pregnancy causing neck and back pain. In this situation, a breast reduction procedure may be your best option to relieve the neck and back pain associated with large breasts.

Tummy Tuck

During pregnancy, the abdominal skin and muscles can become stretched and loose, resulting in lax abdominal muscles and excess abdominal skin and fat. Stretch marks of the abdominal skin can also occur during pregnancy. A tummy tuck with liposuction is a procedure plastic surgeons perform to tighten the abdominal muscles and remove unwanted skin and fat. The goal of a tummy tuck is a smoother, flatter, well-defined abdomen and, in some cases, to restore weakened muscles in the abdomen.

Facial Rejuvenation

As we age, our skin of the face deflates and sags resulting in the signs of aging. Weight fluctuation during pregnancy can exacerbate the aging process. Most women in their 20’s and 30’s are good candidates for non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures such as dermal fillers, botox, laser treatments, and skincare regimens. Some women in their 40’s and 50’s can be good candidates for non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures but also surgical procedures such as a facelift, neck lift, facial fat grafting, brow lift, and eyelid lift. Refer to our individual procedure pages for more information on these surgical facial rejuvenation procedures.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

After pregnancy, the vagina can change drastically in appearance and function. Specific aesthetic considerations can be addressed by your plastic surgeon, such as the size of the vaginal canal and the size/shape of the labia majora and labia minora. Labiaplasty, for example, is a popular procedure that is performed in order to decrease the size and improve the shape of the labial minora. Be sure to speak with your plastic surgeon to determine if one or more of the procedures associated with a mommy makeover are right for you.


If you are planning on having more children in the future, then it is strongly recommended that you wait to start your mommy makeover transformation. Also, if you are planning on losing more weight in the future, it is best to postpone any body contouring procedures until you are at a stable and comfortable weight. The soonest we recommend starting on your mommy makeover journey is 6 months after you have stopped breast feeding.

If your breasts have deflated and have started sagging or you are bothered by excess fat and skin of the abdomen, you may be a candidate for a tummy tuck and breast lift. If you feel that your face and eyes look tired, you may be a candidate for non-surgical or surgical facial rejuvenation procedures. If you are interested in improving the aesthetics of your vagina after pregnancy, you may be a good candidate for a vaginal rejuvenation procedure. To be considered for any of these procedures, you should be physically healthy, a non-smoker, and not have any medical conditions that may affect the healing or recovery process.

If you are a woman considering a tummy tuck, you should be advised that future pregnancies can affect the results of the procedure and may require future corrective surgery. Patients should also reach their target weight before undergoing a tummy tuck, as major fluctuations in weight can have a negative impact on the results.


If you believe that a mommy makeover is the right course of treatment for you, schedule a consultation with the Plastic Surgery Clinic of Chicago to speak with a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic surgery of the face, breast, and body.

During your consultation, you and your plastic surgeon will review your medical history to ensure that you are a good candidate for a mommy makeover. Be prepared to discuss any previous surgeries you have undergone, any preexisting medical conditions you may have, and known allergies.

Your plastic surgeon will perform an evaluation and suggest treatment options that are right for you and your body type. They will discuss all aspects of the procedure with you, including recovery, potential risks, and cost, and answer any questions you may have.


The details of each procedure depend on which specific surgeries of a mommy makeover you are having. In some cases, a few procedures can be combined during one surgical session. In general though, on the day of surgery, a general anesthetic will be administered to ensure your comfort during the procedure. If undergoing a tummy tuck, liposuction is usually performed before the incisions are made to remove excess fat. The length and orientation of the incision will be based on the degree of complexity; the incision is usually made at the lower aspect of the abdomen, just above the pubic hairline.

Next, the abdominal skin is lifted. Excess fat is removed, and any weakened or separated muscles in the abdomen can be repaired. The underlying tissue is reshaped if necessary. Then the abdominal skin is contoured to the new shape of the abdomen and any excess skin is removed. Finally, the incisions are closed with sutures. A drain may need to be placed to remove excess fluid.

If undergoing a breast lift with implants, breast implants are placed either underneath the pectoralis muscle and breast tissue or breast tissue alone and the nipple is lifted up higher on the chest. The goal is to elevate the breast and nipple to be centered behind the implant.

Other procedures such as facelift, neck lift, eyelid lift, facial fat grafting, brow lift, arm lift, thigh lift, and vaginal rejuvenation can also be performed at the same time or in stages. Refer to each individual procedure page to learn more.


Bruising and swelling in the surgical areas are normal after mommy makeover surgeries. Though results will be visible immediately following the procedure, the full results will be apparent once swelling and bruising have completely subsided, which may take six to eight weeks after the procedure.

Your plastic surgeon will prescribe pain medication and specific instructions to care for the surgical site. Be sure to follow these instructions carefully to mitigate any potential risks associated with a mommy makeover.

You should avoid any strenuous physical activity until your plastic surgeon clears you to return to your normal level of activity.


Though complications from a mommy makeover are infrequent, there are potential risks with any surgical procedure. The risks generally associated with a mommy makeover include:

  • Bleeding
  • Fluid Accumulation
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Hematoma (blood clot)
  • Changes in skin sensation
  • Skin discoloration
  • Asymmetry

The Plastic Surgery Clinic of Chicago takes every possible measure to mitigate potential complications by using the safest and most innovative techniques available. You can further reduce risk by carefully following all instructions from your plastic surgeon.


According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the national average cost for a tummy tuck in the United States is approximately $5,800 and for a breast lift is approximately $4,816. However, this figure may fluctuate based on your location, the surgeon performing the procedure, and the extent of your aesthetic goals. When additional procedures associated with a mommy makeover are performed, the cost can also change. Be sure to speak with your plastic surgeon about all associated costs during your consultation. Most health insurance providers will not cover the costs related to a mommy makeover.


Dr. Patel is considered by his patients as a top mommy makeover surgeon in Chicago. If you believe you may be an ideal candidate for a mommy makeover, or if you have any questions about the procedure, please contact the Plastic Surgery Clinic of Chicago to schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. We will review your medical history to ensure that you are a good candidate for a mommy makeover, and we will be happy to discuss any and all aspects of the process with you.

All surgical procedures by the Plastic Surgery Clinic of Chicago are performed at top hospitals in Chicago and CMS or AAAASF-certified surgical centers for safety.



Beautiful breast augmentation result for this patient. In this case we used a 350 cc gel implant, and placed the implant through a periareolar approach and in a submuscular plane. The patient is 5’4” and 125 lbs and went from a B cup to a full C/small D cup. Posted with permission.

#plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #breastaugmentation #cosmeticsurgery #gelimplant #gummybear #chicago #chicagoplasticsurgery

This is a great case to highlight the complexities associated with creating an aesthetic tip and how small changes can yield significant aesthetic improvement. In this case, the patient had a droopy tip, hanging columella, and too much nostril show. In the post-operative views you can visualize a tip that is lifted, more projected, and the presence of a more aesthetic alar-columellar relationship. Happy for this patient and her beautiful and natural result. Posted with permission.

#plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #cosmeticsurgery #rhinoplasty #tiplasty #chicago #chicagoplasticsurgery

Proud of our research team for getting this published. In this article, we developed a unique risk assessment tool to predict major complications in facial aesthetic surgery. Thank you to the Aesthetic Surgery Journal for publishing our work.

#plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #cosmeticsurgery #asj #chicago #chicagoplasticsurgery

The hardest type of rhinoplasties for plastic surgeons to perform are cleft rhinoplasties. A major reason is that the anatomy of the nose and midface are asymmetric, therefore, you have an asymmetric nose sitting on top of an asymmetric midface. In this case, I used rib cartilage to rebuild the cartilage of the nose and fat transfer to improve asymmetries of the midface and lips. In the post-operative frontal views, you can see a straighter nose, the tip has been lifted, and the right nostril has been brought down and inwards. On profile view, you can see the dorsal hump was lowered, the tip of the nose has been lifted, rotated, and refined. The fat was placed in the cheeks and upper lip to improve the midface deficiency that is common in cleft lip patients. Posted with permission.

#plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #cosmeticsurgery #rhinoplasty #revisionrhinoplasty #cleftrhinoplasty #nosejob #cleftlip #craniofacialsurgery #chicago #chicagoplasticsurgery

Plastic surgery can be dramatic or understated. This is a before and after with subtle changes to improve the proportions and aesthetics of the nose in a natural way. This patient wanted only small changes of the dorsum and tip. In the post-operative photos, you can visualize the dorsal hump has been removed and the tip has been refined, slightly rotated and projected. Posted with permission.

#plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #cosmeticsurgery #nosejob #rhinoplasty #chicago #chicagoplasticsurgery

Couldn’t be happier for this beautiful patient and her natural before and after results. This patient is 3 months out from a deep plane or sub-SMAS facelift, neck lift, and facial fat transfer. Pay close attention to the neck, jawline, and midface or cheeks. In the post-operative views you can see a well-defined neck and jawline. The face appears less bottom heavy, there is restoration of the midface volume, and the overall facial configuration is more heart-shaped and youthful. Posted with permission.

#plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #cosmeticsurgery #deeplanefacelift #facelift #necklift #fattransfer #chicago #chicagoplasticsurgery

It’s been a minute but this is a great before and after of a facial feminization case and this patient is only 6 weeks out from surgery. Pay close attention to the hairline, the forehead, orbital rims, eyebrows, nose, chin and jawline. Does this patient look like they had major surgery 6 weeks ago? Posted with permission.

#plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #cosmeticsurgery #FFS #rhinoplasty #genioplasty #chicago #chicagoplasticsurgery #craniofacialsurgery

Check out this interesting rhinoplasty case where I performed a combined primary rhinoplasty and sliding genioplasty. Fixing the crooked or deviated nose is very challenging for all rhinoplasty surgeons and the goal is to achieve a straighter nose because a perfectly straight nose does not exist. On the frontal view, you can see a nose that is midline and with beautiful dorsal aesthetic lines. On the profile view, you can visual a nice nasal profile with a slight break at the tip. The sliding genioplasty complements the nose and improves the overall proportions and balance of the face. A chin implant would not be able to achieve this amount of chin augmentation or chin length. Posted with permission.

#plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #cosmeticsurgery #rhinoplasty #nosejob #chinaugmentation #genioplasty #chicago #chicagoplasticsurgery


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