Scar Revision

When skin is wounded from either surgery or trauma, the skin heals with a scar. Depending on many different factors such as surgical technique, environmental factors and individual wound healing abilities, the scar will vary in appearance. Some patients will heal with a thin scar that is inconspicuous and others will heal with a scar that can be thick, raised, and red. A scar revision is a procedure that is performed for thick and unsightly scars that have had at least 12-18 months to heal.

Scar Revision
+Am I a Candidate for a Scar Revision?
+What to Expect from Your Consultation
+How is a Scar Revision Performed?
+Recovery after Scar Revision
+Potential Risks Associated with a Scar Revision
+What Does a Scar Revision Cost?

All surgical procedures by the Plastic Surgery Clinic of Chicago are performed at top hospitals in Chicago and CMS or AAAASF-certified surgical centers for safety.



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