A “turkey wattle” refers to the excess tissue that forms under a person’s jawline and creates the appearance of the section of flesh that hangs beneath a turkey’s neck. Such a look adds years to the affected person’s age, making them look much older than they actually are. A lower rhytidectomy, or a neck lift, is the perfect surgical procedure to get rid of this problem.

A turkey wattle makes a person feel self-conscious, but not everyone makes the choice to come in for treatment. The neck lift not only solves the issue but also contours the neck and restores a more youthful look.

The Neck Lift

Over time, muscles begin to sag. This includes the platysma muscles, which stretch from the collarbone to the jawline. When these muscles hang down, it creates the look of a turkey wattle. Sagging fatty tissue and hanging skin in the area add to this problem.

Skin, fat, and muscle tissue are all addressed during a neck lift. This procedure involves techniques used to remove the excess tissues and tighten the remaining tissues, leaving patients with a beautifully contoured neck.

How Is the Neck-Lift Procedure Carried Out?

The neck lift is a straightforward surgery that takes anywhere from two to three hours to complete, depending on the amount of tissue to be removed. The patient is given general anesthesia at the start to help them stay comfortable and free of any pain during the procedure.

Incisions are then made behind the ears or beneath the chin (sometimes in both locations). Excess sagging skin is trimmed with the help of a scalpel. Drooping platysmal muscle tissues are rejoined and tightened using internal sutures. Excess fat in the area is removed using precise liposuction.

Once this process is complete, the remaining skin is redraped tightly. The incisions are closed with the help of surgical stitches.

Recovering After a Neck Lift

Drainage tubes may be inserted in the surgical area after neck-lift surgery. This is done to remove any excess fluid so that complications like hematomas and seromas can be avoided. These tubes are taken out during a follow-up appointment, as are external stitches.

Once your neck lift is finished and you have returned home, you will need to rest and recover. It is vital that you follow Dr. Patel’s post-surgical care directions closely. This will help avoid complications and can shorten the overall time the healing process takes.

While you are healing, you will be dealing with a degree of bruising and swelling in the neck. This may be accompanied by tenderness and pain. These issues will be temporary and in many cases can be treated using cold compresses and other methods.

As soon as the swelling is gone, the new contours of the patient’s neck will be apparent. The patient will no longer have their turkey wattle and will look more youthful.

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