Did you know that a mini facelift is one of the most popular procedures available today for facial rejuvenation? If you have been considering a mini facelift, then keep reading to find out what it entails.

Correcting wrinkles and moderate sagging

A mini facelift can best be thought of as a corrective procedure to help fix minor wrinkles and facial sagging in order to give ourselves a boost of confidence and to retain a more youthful appearance. A mini facelift is different from a traditional facelift in that the procedure is focused on the lower third of the face or the jawline and neck.

A mini facelift specifically targets this area because it tends to be the chief source of problems for patients as we all age.  As we age, we lose definition and accumulate fat around our jawline and neck.

The procedure works by restoring definition to the jawline by artfully tightening facial tissue and removing any excess skin.  The neck muscles are tightened and neck tissue is re suspended to improve the contour of the neck. In some cases, it can be combined with other surgeries to enhance the cheeks, forehead, brows, and eyelids.

Hormonal changes can lead to a loss of jaw definition

As we age, there is an increased risk of losing our jaw definition due to the hormonal changes our bodies go through. This can be quite a shock to those who develop this. However, a mini facelift can help to redefine various areas of the face, including the jawline, that indicate signs of aging.

A mini facelift is a desirable option for many people due to the fact that it has minimal side effects, produces minimal scarring, and is less invasive than a traditional facelift.

Regain your self confidence

Naturally, as we age, we tend to lose our inner confidence and this can affect our well being. Your self-esteem can be affected when dealing with signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging skin. Many people report they can feel down and worried when their face is showing signs of aging.

Thankfully, we live in a time where we can deal with these issues. A mini facelift is a way to give yourself that confidence boost and achieve younger looking skin without getting a full facelift. The reality is that this procedure is relatively less invasive compared to other cosmetic surgeries in general. Many people resort to other far more invasive surgeries — but you don’t need to.

A mini facelift also will not result in significant downtime from work, since the recovery time following a mini facelift is around 10 days.

The great news is that the results of a mini facelift can last between 2 and 5 years, giving you extra years with youthful looking skin!

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