One of the ways of enhancing your breast size and shape is with fat transfer, rather than implants. The procedure involves taking fat graft from one area of the body and using it for:

– Fixing defects that occur as a result of breast cancer treatment by filling areas that have been removed

– To increase the size and improve the shape of the breasts without having to use an implant

– To improve symmetry and shape of the breasts after an implant has been placed

If you are considering fat grafting in Chicago for your breast augmentation procedure, then we will take you through the factors that make it an effective procedure and some of the benefits it has over an implant based procedure.

One factor that will dictate the effectiveness of fat grafting for breast augmentation is the technology and techniques that are used to perform the procedure. For example, using techniques that harvest or remove fat safely and limit injury to the fat cells before transfer improves the overall viability of the fat when transferred.  Also, the technique of transferring the fat is important as well for fat viability.
Before the fat is then grafted to the breasts, it is processed in order to eliminate any impurities.  Fat tissue and the patient’s own ADRCs (adipose-derived regenerative cells) are combined. This is then carefully injected into the specific area required on the breast, which results in improved volume and shape.

Below are some benefits of fat grafting for breast augmentation:

  1. It avoids the problems and risks that are associated with breast implants such as rupture, rippling, among others
  2. The breasts feel and look natural and you don’t lose sensitivity of the breasts
  3. Since you are using your own body fat, it eliminates the risk of rejection by the body or future surgery for removal or revision of an implant
  4. There are no major incisions as all the procedures are minimally invasive
  5. There is faster recovery as pain and bruising are minimal
  6. Since local anesthesia is used, this reduces the risk and the overall treatment time
  7. The use of fat grafting in Chicago also helps the breasts retain their natural look long term as most of the fat graft remains in place and viable permanently

Engaging in fat grafting for breast augmentation is not a decision to be taking lightly and it’s important to have the right mindset, expectations and of course, find the right surgeon. To ensure effective and safe fat grafting for breast augmentation, the procedure should be performed by an experienced, skilled, and board-certified plastic surgeon in Chicago.

If you’re interested in a top plastic surgeon for fat grafting in Chicago, then get in touch today to find out more information about how we can help enhance your breasts and give you a new boost of confidence.