Hair loss is a very emotional part of the natural aging process. It can cause a great deal of frustration and embarrassment. There are genetic factors and health concerns that can cause hair loss, and seeking ways to curb this process can be quite challenging.

NeoGraft is a solution to this issue. This revolutionary system uses pneumatic controls to carefully extract hair follicles, which can be immediately transplanted to the previously selected areas of the scalp that are losing hair. After this procedure, the patient’s hair looks much fuller in a way that still appears natural.

Unlike earlier hair-transplantation procedures, the NeoGraft system is minimally invasive and very accurate. Due to the procedure’s high level of precision, hair follicles can be placed in specific locations and at the perfect angles to give you the most natural appearance possible.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for NeoGraft?

Ideal candidates for NeoGraft hair-restoration surgery are people who lead a healthy lifestyle. They have moderate hair loss and sufficient donor hair on the back of the scalp that can be used to transplant into the balding areas. Those with more donor hair and higher hair density and fullness can typically expect fuller results.

How Does NeoGraft Hair Transplantation Work?

The NeoGraft device uses unique technology that can quickly and painlessly remove the hair follicles from the back of the head and then implant them into balding areas.

Because the NeoGraft transplant is faster than other methods, the grafts can be re-implanted faster. The speed of this process keeps the follicles healthier and more robust, thereby increasing the success of the grafting process.

Here are the necessary steps of the hair-restoration procedure:

1. Donor Hair Removal: NeoGraft begins with hair being removed from the area in the back of your head where hair is genetically programmed to resist falling out due to the effects of testosterone. Each graft is carefully harvested to ensure the best results.

2. Dissection of the Follicular Units: Each graft is extracted with the same consistency in length, which results in a dramatically increased take rate.

3. Creation of the Recipient Sites: Dr. Patel creates recipient sites in the proper angle, direction, and orientation according to the artistic hair-transplant plan that has been designed specifically for you.

4. Placement of the Hair Grafts: The follicular units are carefully separated by size. The grafts are transplanted into the balding and thinning areas of your scalp.

After the procedure has been completed, the patient’s head is thoroughly cleansed and a protective cream is applied to the scalp. The patient is then given instructions about how to take care of the grafts.

When Will the Results Appear?

The follicles that hold your transplanted hair are living tissues that grow cyclically. Like normal hair growth, transplantation is an ongoing process that requires a commitment of time.

After the hair follicle has been implanted into the balding area, the grafted hair will stay in place for about two to three weeks before shedding. After shedding, the new growth will begin in three to four months, which is a normal and essential part of the new hair-growth process.

Find Out More About NeoGraft

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