Nose jobs, or rhinoplasty (in the medical world), are a popular surgery for functional reasons (to improve breathing related issues) or for cosmetic reasons (to improve the overall appearance of the nose in relation to the face). The great thing about this procedure is that you won’t feel a thing during the surgery due to the use of anesthesia, but it is important to practice good aftercare to ensure you receive the results you want and recover quickly.

Below we discuss five top tips for recovering from a nose job.

1.Sleep with your head elevated

If you tend to sleep on your stomach or side, it may take some time to get used to sleeping on your back with your head elevated, after surgery. However, if you sleep with your head propped up, it helps the swelling go down faster and can help ensure that any drainage from your nose is allowed to be removed. Sleeping with your head elevated is a good way to help speed up your recovery.

2. Ice

Depending on the type of nose surgery you are having, you may need to use ice to expedite the recovery process. If you are having a more extensive surgery with the involvement of your nasal bones, then your plastic surgeon may have to break and contour your nasal bones to reshape them properly.  It is therefore likely you will have at least one black eye, but, don’t worry! You can look after both your nose (and eyes) with the use of ice gel packs. You can place them both under your eyes and at the top of your nose to help reduce the swelling and improve the blood flow.

3. Relax

You’ve just had surgery, and just like all surgeries, your body needs time to rest and recover. If you’ve needed an excuse for some R&R lately, here is your chance. This is one of the most crucial aspects of your recovery, as relaxation and rest will allow your body to heal faster and more effectively, allowing you to return to your normal self faster, and the chance to show off your results.

4. Avoid excessive physical activity

Any form of vigorous physical activity won’t help with reducing any swelling associated with the surgery. It could actually aggravate it. Therefore, it’s best to only participate in vigorous physical exercise after you have been cleared to do so by your plastic surgeon.

5. Avoid alcohol and anti-inflammatory agents in the weeks leading up to your nose job and afterwards

Prepare well and it will help with your recovery. Alcohol and anti-inflammatory medications are known to increase the amount of bleeding and swelling that can occur during or after surgery. This would then consequently prolong your recovery period. It is, therefore, best to avoid these substances and medications until after you have recovered!

Follow these five tips for recovering from a nose job and you will have a fuss-free and stress-free experience!

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