One of the most significant changes in plastic surgery in the age of the internet is how patients go about choosing a plastic surgeon. It is common practice (and recommended) that people research online before finally choosing the plastic surgeon they want to consult.

Through online research, patients learn not only about the process but also about the surgeons they want to consult. There are various patients who arrive at the consultation with in-depth knowledge about qualifications as well as credentials. This research helps them prepare excellent questions to ask the surgeon in order to resolve any confusion.

For those plastic surgeons who are new to the field and just starting with their practice, and also those people looking for a plastic surgeon, this blog post is going to shed light on some of the most important facts regarding plastic surgery. Typically on a surgeon’s website, the visitors are going to find information regarding the surgeon’s education, the various training they have been a part of, along with the experiences they have had over the years. This is the basic information, however, there is also much information to be gleaned from reviews by other patients.

Read on for our top tips in connecting with plastic surgery patients online:

 1. Always Confirm the Surgeon’s Credentials Written on The Website

Even though the patient testimonials and numerous photos are valid signs that you have come to a reputable surgeon, they are just two of the most important parts (as we will discuss further). The most important part of any surgeon’s resume is the credentials which he or she has. It is very important that you do not get bowled over by the overwhelming experience the surgeon has on his resume. First of all, verify the credentials with a reliable source. Most surgeons refer to themselves as being “board certified”, however, one should also keep in mind that the organizations who have certified them may not even be recognized by ABMS (American Board of Medical Specialties). Only those surgeons who have been certified by ABMS are considered to be plastic surgeons who have been certified by the board. This means that these surgeons have completed the rigorous training as well as the experience requirements along with passing the ABMS exam.      

 2. Review the Patient Testimonials

It is very important that you go through what actual patients have to say about the plastic surgeons. Those who have already used the services are going to be the best judge of how well the surgeon knows his profession. These patients are going to provide you with brutally honest reviews regarding the services and will provide you with the candid look at what you should expect while working with the plastic surgeon. These testimonials will highlight all the various pros and cons of working with the surgeons, helping you make up your mind easily.  Don’t simply rely on the testimonials provided on the doctor’s own website though. Check out third-party review sites, as well for a well-rounded understanding of the doctor’s services and outcomes.

 3. The Before and After Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Mostly, plastic surgeons’ websites are going to feature a gallery which shows their real patients before and after the surgery. Apart from this, you can always ask for additional pictures during the consultation as well. These pictures also help you judge the work the surgeon is doing. You will be able to see if he or she really is specialized and if you should choose him/her over the others.

These are the three factors to consider when conducting your due diligence of researching plastic surgeons online before going under the knife. Be sure to take each one into account and go through each point individually. All these three tips are going to very helpful when it comes to hiring the perfect plastic surgeon for your surgery. After all, getting a surgery is a life-altering decision, and hiring the correct surgeon can make all the difference.